El Jefe

The El Jefe was custom built from the keel up by surf side marine in Bellingham. This vessel was built using the 30 ft. Uniflite hull design that was made famous as the US Navy’s river patrol boat during Viet Nam, known as the PBR, River Rat or Riverine. Uniflite continued to build them as yachts until the late 80’s, and again in the mid 90’s as the Norstar Yacht.

With it’s long history and un-equaled performance, I believe it to be the best plaining hulled boat ever designed. The El Jefe is powered by twin Volkswagen Marine Diesel 225 hp TDI’s. They are, by far, the quietest, cleanest burning and most efficient diesels on the planet. The boat is outfitted with the latest in Navigation Technology, using Boeing’s Nobeltec software. It is equipped with sonar, interactive GPS chart plotter, 36 mile radar and 3D bathymetric bottom view capability.

El Jefe has a private marine head and seating for 9 plus the captain, with plenty of outside space for wildlife viewing or fishing, and wide doorways for those with special needs.

:: Pet friendly

Vessel Built:
2009 Bellingham Wa.
Surf Side Marine Charter 30
Uniflite 30 ft hull 32 ft overall
Twin Volkswagen Marine Diesel Engines 225 HP Enhanced
Mercruiser Bravo 1 X Drives 610 HP total
300 gallons fuel 500 km range
50 gal fresh water 50 gal holding
10 passengers 2 crew
TOP Speed 42 mph Cruise 35 mph
Home port:
Deer Harbor Marina, Orcas Island San Juan’s Washington State



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